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Published: June 8, 2012
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Old Forgotten Lands undoubtedly shine a bit mystical. But even if it initially appears here has a connection to the dark metal, the truth is different. give an indication of the ever-mentioned musical influences, which make themselves names like Wardruna, Of The Wand And The Moon or locate Wongraven . can This is known as certainly right, but not its class actually achieved. 

"Primal" is highly ritualistic nature and should therefore belong to the hunting ground of listeners of ambient and folk. One should however not expect exhilaration or the like, because the present Silberling brings more melancholy and even ritual moments. There are beautiful melodies it well enough, this packed sometimes mysterious, and so it should not be surprised further, here too very quickly able to gain a foothold. 

Behavior spoken passages are one of the strengths of Old Forgotten Lands, those immensely contribute to the atmosphere and yet ennoble a piece like "... With Each Prevailing Wind" very impressive. 

Of course, one might also provide some music and then it shows a good instrumental diversity that could be actually chosen any better. In this way, also do not come everyday instruments like timpani and tambourine are used, but also flute and field recording recordings are one of the party. Atmospheric you can conjure up some successful piece, so for example the title track, great movie houses - beautiful and absolutely engaging. 

Old Forgotten Lands have no doubt a lot of potential, but on the other hand, there is spare capacity. Can you score some implementation really correct, however, performances such as "Lakewood" or "Death of an Estranged Earth" rather little nervous or getting used to. The predominantly instrumental material is otherwise well-matched, and when the artist here in the future the whole thing develops them further, then you should keep the name Old Forgotten Lands still in memory. 

Rating: 7/10 
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            Released: March 10, 2012
                            300 Copies
                  Dark Ambient/Neo-Folk