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Published: May 3, 2023

Nearly a decade after their debut EP, Orphans of Dusk’s highly anticipated full-length album “Spleen” captivates listeners with its mesmerizing blend of gothic and doom metal. The album kicks off with an intriguing intro that sets the stage for the powerful combination of gothic metal vocals and doom metal instrumentals in “Wasted Hero.” The vocalist truly shines when breaking free from conventional phrasing and embracing more melodic and passionate tones. With tracks reaching up to 8 or 9 minutes in length, the album offers a comprehensive listening experience. The instrumentation manages to create a beautiful soundscape while maintaining a haunting atmosphere that encapsulates the themes of death and romance. “Spleen” is an immersive journey that showcases Orphans of Dusk’s unique take on the gothic and doom metal genres.

Reviewed by: Joel Costa

In : English 

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 Released: April 28, 2023
Genre: Gothic Doom Metal