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Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 Under: English
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Published: August 23, 2020 

Swedish newcomers to the black metal scene Ov Shadows have now released their second full-length on the eclectic and radical label Hypnotic Dirge Records out of Canada. Continuing the lasting legacy established by their homeland of only producing top-caliber black metal for the feeble masses, Ov Shadows arose from the ashes of Waning (and members also performed in acts such as Slaughtercult and Clonaeon) to create a classic sound of deathless iron will that will easily make even the most hardened listeners fraught will devilish glee!

Without a moment's hesitation “Den Eld Som Tär Och Förvrider” storms out of the gate with icy cold thunderous fury and hearkens back to the mid-90s before black metal was a type of marketing tool, back when it was mysterious and truly something esoteric. The barrage of drums on "Blasfemiskt Crescendo" seriously needs to be heard to be beheld, as if drummer JW's soul has been possessed by former Dark Funeral drummer Dominator himself. "Anakoretens Gap" easily captures that ancient, revered essence of the sound of No Fashion Records and the imprint its roster of artists left upon the collective minds of the underground. If only briefly, the title track slows things down meticulously to begin with, RA's tortured vocal delivery accompanying the change in tempo with perfect poise and balance. Finally “Av Kunskap Krönt Till Gud” engages you first at a midpace and then lets it all go with frenetic speed while staying heavy on melody, finessed to utter perfection. With a title translating to "In The Devil's Image" and everything being sung in their mother tongue, Ov Shadows pays tremendous tribute to Jungian philosophy and encourages us all to embrace our shadows-self and let it run amok, the consequences of which are irrelevant and to be wholly dismissed.

Without a doubt Ov Shadow have generated a massive assault of most exquisite black metal a full generation after their country's death and black metal scenes were on their way to becoming to stuff of legends that we still, to the very day, genuflect before. The grandeur and the splendor are approached with such fervent ardor that before long they too shall be among the masters of their craft. Watch for them with some serious intent! 

Rating: 9/10

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 Released: August 14, 2020
Genre: Black Metal