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Published: October 14, 2012
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Who remembers the Iranian project Ekove Efrits? You should not do that, here's the link that shows the review last job with that monicker weblog entitled "Conceptual Horizon". 

I'll take it away because it's the same character, Count De Efrit, I write but this time is different the dress, In fact, the musician returns in the long run its Silent Path, whose debut album "Mourner Portraits" was already released in 2009, probably soltantoo format self / promotional uses. Now has support and a professional form thanks to the collaboration with the Canadian Hypnotic Dirge Records. difference between the two sides of the coin is highlighted in the songwriting of an artist always surrounded by gloomy feelings, tedious, atmosphere in which the light is uninvited guest, with the lack of hope and the presence of an enveloping gloom that spread dramatically. Ekove Efrits has evolved over time wake of post-rock in areas depressive who do not mind the Gothic alone. This creature while keeping the DNA part of the melodic texture and composition cyclical disarming, it draws from both the foundations laid in the early days of Burzum, interpreted in a personal way from the early Shining and Xasthur (the latter also great producer of useless stuff to capacity) feeding also slowdowns and desperate stages ranging from mild to excruciating. This relates to the distant to the funeral of Shape Of Despair and most likely the harsh reality of Nortt, is therefore an impending collapse becomes perennial that is recited in the nine tracks of "Mourner Portraits". approach is evocative, the songs themselves in the name indicate it crystal clear what is the fate that surrounds them and has, what can you expect from a song called "Last Men, Last Dreams" unless a setting forlorn and bitter where hope is torn, torn and there 'is any thread that may be useful to patch it? 

Epic Suicide "is rather more than it seems, Count De Efrit decides to confront the horror and war, whatever the flap took it still remains an endless source of death and cause of indescribable pain. The piece reads: epic suicide for the soldiers on way to salvation by self-destruction just kill and bie to become a hero I embrace your glory and walk to death ... your death . returns there? have sure opening the booklet and listening alongside reading the text and viewing images will further clarify the situation there. "Mourner Portraits" confirms that the Iranian is full of character and even when it is not, falling in known solutions such atmospheric and depressive, it maintains a more than worthy form coupled to a substance far lighter. possesses short his faults, a little 'as almost all of the release of these environments pay duty for the derivation and for a formula that in the long run can become suffocating if you are not passionate and fell in an integral manner with the mind on what is told by the music. the Silent Path For this advice to those who live a long time in this limbo sound endless, certainly will in the compositions Count De Efrit what they want, being negative in this case is more than ever a good thing. 

Reviewed by: Gabrielle Strano 

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Released: July 21, 2012
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