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Published: January 16, 2013
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"Mourner Portraits" is the debut album of this Irani one man Black Metal band formed by Count De Efrit only ... As you probably expected, judging by the name of the band and title of this album, Silent Path plays Depressive Black Metal, not the ultra-bitter and anguished kind of DBM, but an introspective, atmospheric and relaxing form of obscurely Black Metal, where ghostly atmospheres created by a conjunction Between subtle lead guitar lines, ethereal keyboards and blackish riffing give shape to this album. The work contains nine tracks this slow paced moves over structures, Which combined with several instrumental interludes and putting great emphasis in the play melodies and hypnotic Creates a sober form of Metal, That even when can be unmistakably labeled under the Depressive Black Metal tag, Seems to scratch the surfaces of the Atmospheric Black Metal along the 53 minutes this album lasts ... The grim voice work of Count De Efreet is blurry, echoing and definitely well Achieved but unfortunately (and intentionally I guess) mixed low and sporadic, Even When Which contributes With The whole ethereal feeling of this album, Also diminish the album's stress at some passages ... As I Mentioned above, "Mourner Portraits" is not the kind of harsh, oppressive and suicidal form of Depressive Black Metal, this album is full of melancholy but at the same time is an introspective work full of obscure beauty, maybe "melancholic" Black Metal would be a more accurate description for this band's work ... Silent Path shows at this debut album an interesting and hypnotic Proposal That Even When still needs some Improving ( maybe a more varied composition and a more distinctive sound would Contribute), definitely shows some potential. I would recommend this album For those into The Most atmospheric and melodic side of the Depressive Black Metal audience.

Reviewed by: Alvaro Pacheco

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