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From: Les Eternals
Published: September 24, 2012
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 There are kinds riskier than others. Nowadays, it is difficult to cry genius against a new group of classic heavy metal, but as long as it aligns with some good riffs, the average fan will usually show compassion. Some minimalist styles as drone, the sludge or post-black, however, are more difficult to deal with: one group will be enough creative spark for that ranks among the talented precursors, while another will a performance so poor that the rangera rather in the same bag as the famous Romano Chocolescu so dear to Unknown. If you do not even rank when Mourner Portraits of the one-man-band Iranian Silent Path in the category of frauds, it is still quite difficult to truly possible to pack for this album. And discuss the actions of the little mustachioed German calibrated in the first half of the twentieth century does not alter the case. 

It is still a matter of spark, everything. Objectively, the differences are sometimes minimal, especially in a genre like black ambient limit between a title and a successful track missed. This is much intensity and conviction that the artist, as well (bad?)-intentioned, can express. This intensity is unfortunately present only at times of Mourner Portraits. The first three songs are really mean: composed mainly of guitars dreary, decorated (so to speak) keyboards strongly reminiscent Filosofem Burzum and deadly environments, repeating the environment a single melody, they are not saved by few breaks that can be heard from above, from there. Nothing to cry foul, but it is the bare minimum that is offered here. "Epic Suicide" and "Grey Dolls From Nowhere" gloomy monotony offer little more inspired than the first three titles mentioned above. In short, not better. The majority of the album is quite dispensable, a general apathy to blame fairly obvious. 

Nevertheless, the flame of Efrit Count has come to externalize by time: after a little sexy start, the second half " Last Men, Last Dreams "is gaining momentum, and the atmosphere Metallico-black-gray-depressive is suddenly credible and well, it is said, beautiful. "Sarabe Aramesh", meanwhile, offers a haunting melody sung clearly and sadly, very acceptable, although a bit repetitive (what we put on the account of the kind practiced). In addition, and this is where the artist seems most comfortable, purely ambient tracks are downright good: the rain "Forgotten Sounds" pierces us as well as the accompanying notes. As for "Unwritten Story", it is certainly the best track on the album, as the recovery of the Christmas song "Jingle Bells" as funeral hits its target, as Sopor Aeternus could do with the funeral march on "The Goat". The listener feels suddenly terribly lonely and helpless. Like what, and it is paradoxical, all hope is not lost ... 

I could go on the country of origin of the artist, and seek the why and how, but knowing nothing of the country, I prefer to avoid the clich├ęs in this area and I focus only on the album. On his official website, Count of Efrit describes his music as "s funeral ick depressive black metal . " Mourner Portraits actually looking to create an atmosphere like this, but can not do it by now. Securities are generally too pale, black metal unstructured proposed here is sickly. However, by the time Silent Path is to make its resources more convincing songs, including the two times purely ambient album. Is this the direction that wants to take the artist for his next work? It would not be a bad choice on his part ... 

Rating: 11/20
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Released: July 21, 2012
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Depressive Black Metal/Funeral Doom