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Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, November 4, 2012 Under: Album Reviews
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Published: August 8, 2012
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Being a fan of Ekove Efrits I was very excited to hear what kind of depressive black and funeral doom he would create with Silent Path. 

Haunting - I think that this word describes this release well. The foggy and claustrophobic atmosphere mixed with the sad and melancholic riffs just make their way into our inner self. While listening to this release I've thought very much about the bad things that I've done and how it has affected my life. And after I've dealed with this darkness inside of me I've felt some sorth of catharsis. And that's what I think this release is standing for, it's forcing us to deal with our inner demons. 

Also while listening to this release I've heard many different influences like Xasthur, Nortt and Blut Aus Nord especialy the vocals on "Epic Suicide". But to be honest You just can't compare it with something else. Although I feel that Silent Path hasn't found his final sound yet, he's definitely creating something that's by far more than just dark music, it's the way Saman deals with all the negativity in life and he decided to offer us a very deep look into his emotional state. At least that's what I feel. 


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Released: July 21, 2012
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Depressive Black Metal/Funeral Doom