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Published: March 15, 2013
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Acedia - Greek avkhdi - as psychological pathology or deadly sin, understood by the Catholic cosmology, representing a total unrest and unease at both the material and spiritual of the sufferer. The total absence of the great void and will go on to become the only eco ecstatic soul. Only a few courageous beings are capable of lancing chains and squeeze these nihilistic disdain and complex emotions in the form of music. It is well known that those apt to scrutinize the most bizarre and gloomy existence artifices of using the composition for treatment are those that open before the doors recursion genius and melancholy. In these lush and negative gates we have with great works like "Mourner Portraits" Silent Path. unknown This is a project of the Iranian Count De Efreet, known for Evoke afrits military, which is responsible for all this somatize underlying darkness and emptiness on a lonely road of no return. This new venture is not too much of his band detaches aforementioned primal, melancholy, despair, atmospheric passages and rich nuances still flooding every corner, but maybe Silent Path is more geared towards Funeral Doom slope than the typical bands as suicide wrap Xasthur or Nortt, although amalgamated manages to create a sound that unites both perspectives. thing we outline Silent Path on his first release "Mourner Portraits" - brushing time extension - is a decadent and defeatist complex atmosphere, feted by hundreds of layers of musical textures that enable a languid dip in our tortured consciousness, very good understanding of bands like Black Canadians. We warned in "Filth Of Mankind" or "Last Men, Last Dreams" with the typical beginning of Funeral Doom bands like Wedard or Mournful Congregation, where repetitive dialogue melancholic guitar lines with dissonant chords straddling rhythmic wrap down- tempo gets off metabolize our hope in perpetual suffering. Includes sections point where the ringing of a grieving sorry grant dynamism piano, coating and brightness to the emotions that are almost narrated by Count De Efreet, as in "Epic Suicide" or the instrumental "Forgotten Sounds", where the atmosphere of abandonment existential are perfectly recreated from the music that springs from the heart of a storm. firsthand, the production of sounds nasty and crunchy guitars but sounds to incorporate layers of make-up this intentional lack elegance and exquisite taste. These are the little details that elevate pointillist "Mourner Portraits" Ipssimuss the category, including the exorbitant layers of guitars, atmospheric interludes, vocal versatility ... delegate a wealth hearing in which hard work is appreciated by compositional Silent Path . Cracking is the theme of "Sarabe Aramesh" viewing and perfectly structured on the basis of negative dissonant riffs is emerging out of nowhere a spun melody is repeated like a mantra, it draws a parallel with the word game that gets the chop weakness of pride in a memorable crescendo. Curious the court that closes the album name like "Unwritten Story" begins with a soothing notes of a concatenation of depressive keyboard willing to submit to oblivion, but as it progresses the theme sounds a dramatized version of the well-known and more weary anthem Christmas "Christmas, Christmas sweet", as they say, unbelievable but true. Get unmask the apparent falsity of happiness twisting the good memories we have of our childhood into a nightmare untamed. Undoubtedly Count of Efreet has nailed by daring to Silent Path, we see the great musical background and experience when investing styles and appropriate them to his own vision of nihilism and decadence absolute bet might call "Mourner Portraits" Funeral Black Metal as it travels on horseback of both styles with wisdom and skill. Is an album for all those willing to get lost in the morass of the unfathomable void. Special mention deserves the extensive artwork with 16 pages that include war photographs, letters and certain press releases. Silent Path has a more consensual basis on which to build a thriving musical evolution under a dim halo of shortness of breath lost in the wind. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Lord Abhorym 

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Released: July 21, 2012
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Depressive Black Metal/Funeral Doom