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Published: May 28, 2012
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 stroszek is the band, or the project if we want to define it, Claudio Alcara, known to the metal scene for his adventures with Gionatha Powerful Frostmoon act in Eclipse, Macabre Omen and his past in Handful Of Hate. But you can also put all this aside, as the black metal feeling in the world and enclosed behind this monicker, probably inspired by the films of Werner Herzog in 1977, somewhat peculiar history of how the continuous refusal to destroy a human being, there very little. "sound graveyard bound" is the title of what if I am the third chapter should be full, came after the recordings of "Songs of Remorse" in 2007, "Life Failures Made Music" in 2009 and the ep "Wild Hunt" the same year. 

Since we signed the first to approach this with absolute reality, I found particularly intriguing the way in which an extensive range of influences and personalities appear to rotate within the platter leaving signs of their passage. Ear reaches a crossroads of feeling that draws from the deep south of the emotional blues and country, people like Tom Waits and Johnny Cash capable of making a living and only decided to tell any story they intersect with the melancholy and the discomfort of some dark / post-punk, I think of bands like Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy arrived in rainy Seattle then for bands like Alice In Chains, Mad Season, and Screaming Trees. It is no coincidence that, another leading figure of the planet rock is what Mark Lanegan, with his way of creating music and smoky distinguibilissima for a personal and beautiful, even if you join the chorus. In your mind a little sprinkle 'of ethereal atmospheres, left free to express thoughts, preferring the sound with his obsessions delicate, caressing and pressing the meager steps in "electric" and season with a production so vivid as to seem a crystalline 'running "live" and that forward it even more intense and throbbing, well, what did you have in your hands the disk in question. stroszek is intriguing and is able to create good songs do not ever treading the winning hand. 

The melodies are a guess, in some licks, but exceed in sweetness, and there is but bittersweet aftertaste that comes from singing "spoke" dell'Alcara, the environmental dimension architected for each of these phases and sudden mood carried keep wide awake attention away uncertainty about a possible "molasses on approach". Listening to tracks like the opener "can't make things undone", "adrift", "crows" already released as a starter in the compilation of the label "Desolation, Dissonance, Delirium" or "Spirits Dwell" where is the voice Nat female to caress and lull the mind of the listener, you will realize how detached from modern society made up of "noise" and screaming into a little 'space itself may become a simple thing if you were in possession of the column sound adequate. "sound graveyard bound" is inspired, but not pretty "soft", emotionally gripping and at times may even find a place in some radio ladder if anything Italy had in its ranks speaker or DJs with balls ready to bet on material that once is not pulled out of forges sterile as those of De Filippi or Caselli. Between relaxation and excitement Stroszek is the son won a place in my player for days, you who say, you do not need a break from the world where you live? If so, why not take advantage of their album, just click on the "play" button and you're done. 

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            Released: March 10, 2012
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