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Published: April 10, 2012
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Not an easy review, I have to say…I listened so many times to “Sound Graveyard Bound”, the third album from Italian project Stroszek, a band founded by FROSTMOON ECLIPSE guitarist Claudio Alcara…I’m not completely into this kind of music, but exploring new paths is something I was really looking for. And I completely enjoyed it. “Sound Graveyard Bound” is a melodic, intimate piece of work where acoustic guitar is the focal instrument, with impressive, evocative tunes which create a suggestive soundscape. In addition to that, there are a lot of heavy sequences with tough guitar riffing perfectly placed into the fragile feeling, something which produces a fine alternation within songs. “Can’t make things undone” is one of my favourite episodes of “Sound Graveyard Bound”, great dynamics with a really brilliant guitar touch and a warm rhythmic section. Here you’ll find the Stroszek’s “trademark” in my opinion, songs don’t look for being intricate, music wants (and seem to need it, I guess, I mean as an artist’s personal necessity, as his artistic expression) simply to be emotional, to go straight to the heart. But the opener track just unlocks the door, and the following “Shipwreck” waits with its vibrant tunes…but I strongly think that “Sound Graveyard Bound” deserves to be enjoyed as a complete journey, as it’s not just a succession of good songs but an introspective passage. Claudio’s vocals perfectly fit the essence and mood of the music, not great variations, but a sort of whisper that adds grey coloured tones to the ambiance. “Spirit Dwell” is another highlight, music’s warmly caressing your soul, with fantastic female vocals and an absolutely amazing chorus. Great inspiration, really, really beautiful. In our noisy, ear-splitting lives this kind of music is more than welcome. 

Rating: 7.5/10 
Reviewed by: Emiliano 

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            Released: March 10, 2012
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