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Published: June 8, 2012
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Stroszek is an exceptional Italian band, probably by guitarist Claudio Alcara the band Frost Moon Eclipse, one of the most popular black metal bands in the country, was created. Musically, however, are only slight traces of black metal is visible. 

The band name comes from the Werner Herzog film "Stroszek" back that filled in the late seventies as a celebrated, but also criticized drama to movie theaters. dramatically so are the songs the band in 2012 - after two albums and an EP - the Long Player "Graveyard Bound Sound" lets go to the mankind. 

Coined the very melancholy sound of various elements of the music variety. Thus flow into the slow dark rock some folk elements, while country music legends like Johnny Cash have also left traces in Stroszek and nuances of Frost Moon Exlipse are noticeable. The very first song "Can not Make Things Undone," the consumer has indicated what he has to do with Stroszek. gentle sounds of acoustic guitar supported by a slow but certain bass and drum passages with your. throttled by the rugged, almost whispered vocals give it all the necessary drama that apply only in the rock riffs a little loosening up. The following song "Shipwreck" includes, like the opener, all the elements described, but has a much higher rock content and has not so much darkness. In addition, the skillfully built guitar solos provide additional impression. Similarly, also knows the song "Hope I'll Never Know to please. " 

The fourth wildcard, "Leftover" is my personal favorite on this silver disc, because, apart from its chosen path still exudes an extreme harmony that invites you to let your soul dangle. "Self Closure" is stronger than the previous bound by the melancholy and it is able to leave a deep inner sadness, which gets to the track, "Adrift" more food. By the seventh track of the long-player, "Spirit dwell," the work of the Italians gained by female vocals a new twist. In addition, the rock is increased stake in this song, but without departing from the dramatic direction. 

At the penultimate track, "Crows" again takes the male part, the vocals and the dreamy guitar solos, this song is a serious competition for my personal favorite of the CD dar. Conclusion is "Sound Graveyard Bound" by the cover song "If The World Had not Gone Insane" by Mike Johnson. This title is also the gentlest of the album and is presented purely acoustic. 

With "Sound Graveyard Bound" it is possible to acquire a work full of harmony and melancholy, packed into a brew of rock, country and folk, which is well suited to times right off and go in it. I'm from the rather unusual band Stoszek pleasantly surprised and have as a lover more intense sounds also taken a liking to "sound Graveyard Bound". 

Rating: 8.5/10 
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            Released: March 10, 2012
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