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Published: February 18, 2014
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"Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" is something of a case to get through. It is a remake of the Italian band Stroszek's two albums "Songs of Remorse" and "Life Failures Made Music" and the EP "The Wild Hunt" and two brand new cover songs. The two albums have apparently been hard to come by in a while, so now you have the chance again.

I personally knew nothing of Stroszek before I received double album from Hypnotic Dirge Redords. According to the press release stood at once 'dark folk / acoustic' and it must be said fits perfectly. From the first track on the CD 1, 'A Night Walk In Partille', we stroll around in a relaxed and beautiful long alley of darkness and melancholy - a style we more or less get in through the 26 tracks that are on the "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures ".

C which are man behind Stroszek and also plays the guitar and sings, has a sufficiently deep and småhviskende vocals, which adds a whole just the right mood. And it is precisely this that is the key word in this band; mood. C's two co-conspirators Richard (drums) and Davide (bass) are fine an appropriate base without the wild fluctuations when they are in the image. My mind is drawn to include against a mixture of certain elements from newer Anathema and Timat on recent releases. That's right, great if you're just in the mood on a dark night with a little mood lighting.

As I said, it's something of a case to get through both albums at once, but it also works ¨ well as background music, without having to delve further and provide a comfortable atmosphere.

I thought "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" overall it is a good album, which can be recommended to anyone who is dark folk / acoustic.

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