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Published: January 26, 2014
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After two years before the album Sound Graveyard Bound appeared, Stroszek published now everything foregoing on two CDs in the form of wild years of remorse and failures , which includes two albums and two EPs, and was composed of the name of the albums and the first EP. Together, the nearly two hours of music, wherein the backbone is always a guitar that remains rather quiet, melancholic and is complemented by whispering vocals. Other instruments keep the other hand in the background and complement the simple yet consistently supported sound garment, always good, be it in the form of guitar solos, percussion or plucked strings.

Despite the simplicity of the band but already knew in the early phase of listening variety to worry, whether it be through either sluggish or dynamic melodies that can suddenly change times, two alternating themes, the tension producing or slow ausfadendes drums or Klaus Kinski quote. Times the music sounds like country, according to post-rock, gothic rock, without wanting to decide, but always with a morbid mood. Nevertheless, it is possible not always consistently maintain a tension, as both CDs to listen to the piece is pointless because to do so then it remains to be monotonous.

For an album that would be a problem in a compilation, this weighs less. A CD on to listen to piece works well and if you both hear each other at a certain distance, you can also get a good overview of the early creative phase of this band.

Reviewed by: Tristan Osterfeld

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