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Published: May 5, 2014
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The recovered memory: the Stroszek look back, preparing for some kind of future. Two years ago, the reality of the inspiration of Claudius Arcara daughter had been a welcome discovery with the release of "Sound Graveyard Bound" and which subsequently had in-depth knowledge with "A Back In The Day" . Today, however, I find myself in his hands a double cd collection published by the Canadian Hypnotic Dirge Records, which inside contains twenty-six pieces of the very first was, originally released in "Song Of Remorse", "The Wild Hunt" and "Life Failures Made Music" in remastered and re-interpreted for what concerns the vocal.

It is a musical journey of nearly two hours in which you can appreciate all the facets held by Stroszek, both as regards the scope of purely compositional, varied and always pleasantly addicted to acoustic performances, both for what concerns the atmospheric load of a concentrated dose of melancholy, dullness and deprivation while listening tends to grip the hearing. The size of songwriting across the length and breadth of the songs is intriguing. The references, or if you prefer combinations, the most well-known names in the music scene rock, grunge, blues and folk are inevitable, one could not speak of breaths to Cat Power and Nick Drake, emotions fought to Alice In Chains or bottled by nostalgia to Mark Lanegan and Tom Waits, without, however, wrong to the way in which the notes appear in Stroszek with immediacy and instinct the thoughts that revolve in their head.

"Wild Years Of Remorse And Failures" is a work niche, a listening that articulates with a gentle resignation wander suggestive that with each passing minute it becomes more and more fascinating. In my view a graphical representation of this booklet given to the collection of songs that do not make more tangible the feeling of abandonment and desolation almost magical atmosphere that surrounds them, expressing the passion and attention resulting from the collaboration between artist and label in shaping that the appearance .

Anyone who follows the long Stroszek should grab a copy of this work: it is done purely for collectors or not, I am sure that this new life given to the pieces will be appreciated. For those who did not know the project, so wide output would be the ideal way to come into contact with and advice to do so, because it's worth it.

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