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From: Legacy Magazine; Issue #89
Published: February 2014
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Claudio Alcara's Stroszek are the second pillar of the Italian creative. With Frost Moon Eclipse, he had already made a name in black metal, when he started this side project in 2007. "Wild Years Of Remorse Failures" is a retrospective of the past six years on a double CD. This is what the 2007 debut works are "Songs Of Remorse" and was published in 2009, second album "Life Failures Made Music". As a treat there with this is the 2009 published "Wild Hunt" EP, working on the Stroszek only with acoustic guitar, piano and vocals. As a bonus, all songs were remastered and given the title of the debut with a new song. In addition, can be found on this double CD two cover versions that fit quite well in the garb of the quiet, melancholic and acoustic stressed songwriter music: on the one that's Tecumseh Valley 'by Townes Zandt, on the other hand the country classic, Bury The Bottle With Me 'by Dick Curless. Overall, just under two hours takes this look back at the years 2007 to 2009, which should be interesting for all those well who wish to authorize after the third album "Sound Graveyard Bound" from 2011, the start-up phase of this project. A slight touch of Johan Edlund in song can be heard, but only in the very quiet passages; once give Stroszek more rocking acts Alcaras voice quite thin, making it also the biggest shortcoming of this music. Otherwise, sure a good change to hard Black Metal records, if you put on Melancholy value.

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