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Published: February 25, 2014
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Second release of the first two albums EP's solo project of Claudio Alcara guitarist Frostmoon Eclipse, Wild Years of Remorse and Failures summarizes the acoustic and dark approach that is the mentality. Much more oriented towards the side towards which the acoustic black metal, though with intervals of rock heaviness variable, there is a prevalence for dark atmosphere, enhanced by a very dim sung that does his job, and despite a few little moments hit the spot or with difficulty distinguishable in the overall sound is the best part of the job. The guitars are very simple, with that style from "a few notes but well done" in the dark, but the overall level suffers from some fairly trivial drafts. The balance is slightly toward the positive, thanks to the good use of other instruments (bass, drums and electric) placed sporadically support its sound, but the sheer length of this release means that the attention is focused on the defects rather than on the merits. 

Judging the work for himself, in fact, there is a huge problem: it is impossible to get to the end without feeling a strong sense of boredom. The idea of releasing what is essentially a discography is now unavailable to appreciate, but twenty-six songs for acoustic guitar and sang dim are impossible to follow without getting tired. I left the album with the feeling of "finally finished", and it is not a good thing: too much music, too many tracks including digging to find the songs really catchy does not allow you to really enjoy it. With a genre like this, then, after a forty-minute becomes almost a substrate. 

already appreciated If the project is an offer not to be missed. If you are interested, my advice is to avoid listening to in its entirety, otherwise you risk getting tired quickly. Listen to it over time, delete the songs that do not interest you, and you can add a few more copies to my vote. When digging for gold, you should also keep the land.

Rating: 69/100
Reviewed by: Mrsteve

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