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Published: February 20, 2014
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The acclaimed early work of the project folk / acoustic dark rock Stroszek were republished in December 2013 by the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records in the form of a double CD collection, by way of Wild Years of Remorse and Failures . 

Boasting a complete remastering and a re-recording of the vocals of the album Songs of Remorse , the compilation also includes the hard Life Failures Made Music and the EP The Wild Hunt , and brings to light the ancient sound of this project . A dark and obscure folk rock, the style of Tiamat of Gaia , who gives birth to a beautiful melancholic atmosphere often made ​​of acoustic guitars, enveloping lines of the plan, precise percussion and majestic vocals whispered. It follows from this a solid foundation of music influences of traditional black metal pollution (to Negura Bunget), which collides with the dark and melodic incotnra typical of the early Alice in Chains, as well as the style and tone of Antimatter and painful read vocals to Tom Waits. short, a collection that brings out the character and refinement of a music always able to capture the listener, transporting in mysterious worlds, sometimes tense, always captivating. An excerpt of a considerable part of the career of Stroszek it was only right to rediscover and revive, and finally can now be available to everyone through this beautiful compilation. Well done.

Rating: 77/100
Reviewed by: James Mazzano

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 Released: December 7, 2013
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Dark Folk / Melancholic Rock