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Published: February 14, 2014
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Perhaps it is difficult to review the project as Stroszek begin otherwise than by talking about what this band actually was and where it came from. The group is responsible for a certain Claudio Alcara , which should be known to readers of the metal sites especially about as a founding guitarist of Italian black metallers Frostmoon Eclipse , who would be given the time of exposure on the stage (since 1994) has been slowly put into the sorts include veterans, except It is, however, in the past, among other things flashed on one album at other Italian black metal pack Handful of Hate , whose history is also gone on for some time.

Over time, however, by all Claudio got to the point where he probably needed to relieve playing black metal and try a little quieter music - and that this is the time when the scene starts name Stroszek . That is a Claudius side project, in which, however, in no way does not give black metal, or even any other metal. Music, like under the heading Stroszek form, it is mostly acoustic and extends into the genre of folk or, if you prefer, neofolk and in the "sharpest" moments could be called folk rock.

The first plate Stroszek was called "Songs of Remorse" and was originally published in 2007. That you her name remotely resembles the name of achievement in the title of this article? Well, it's not a coincidence. When I mention that later in 2009 even released their second major album "Life Failures Made Music" and EP called "The Wild Hunt" (similar to Watain purely coincidental) now you could start by dawn. "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" is not another long-playing album, but a compilation that has kept under one roof All three recordings as a 2CD set. The reason why this matter is now out, this is mainly that these initial achievements Stroszek are already sold out and unavailable.

Brings "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" something extra compared to the original released? Yes, it brings ... although not much, but even leaving aside the fact itself that again ensures the availability of this music on an official carrier, little else is after all still finds. Both plates and minialbu received a new mastering, in the case of the debut "Songs of Remorse" were re-recorded vocals, with whom was allegedly Claudio Alcara back completely satisfied, and every album he discovered one remake - "Bury the Bottle with Me" from the U.S. Countryman Dick Curless u debuts and "Tecumseh Valley" also from American musician Townes Van Zandt in the new "Life Failures Made Music" . What changes remastering (and recently filmed singing) in the music itself did, unfortunately I can not judge because I do not know the original form ...

What should the audience expect musically? As you probably indirectly follows from the above outlined genre-defining, in any case, it is not a sharp music and style should be Frostmoon Eclipse but with the same name in the author box has nothing in common. "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" extension Stroszek offers listening rather soothing and relaxing ... it is true that it is still not nothing they prvoplánovitě a positive, but it does not change the fact that most of the time playing the music listener passes relatively warm feeling and comfort. It's that sort of music that could be called pleasant poslechovkou.

Two discs (the first is the "Songs of Remorse" and the first cover, on the second "Life Failures Made Music" , "The Wild Hunt" and the second cover) dominates mainly light acoustic guitar, thick and rather monotonous voice, reassuring brumlající moderate bass and drums, which remains relatively short. In times when the rhythm section perform a little forward and exceptionally sounds and electric guitar, enter Stroszek a stage where their production be called folk-rock, but on the desktop for 110 minutes that both drives are counted together, these passages are in complete minority.

That's about all you can about "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" say without I should not continue to repeat. It's a very nice music, which is very nice listening is náladotvorná, lightly melancholic and still smart enough built that with such at first glance a simple recipe could keep the listener's attention throughout the duration of a single disk ... true, put both just behind it may smack a bit of boredom, but due to the fact that both he stands alone, there is no reason to give the whole 110 minutes in one go, when you can enjoy the first 45 and maybe a couple of hours rest 65

Perhaps you could ask which of the two discs (albums) is better, if there are any peaks that might be worth stress of ... you know, I do not know. Do both CD, both somehow approximately the same, while also listening to the one surely deserves. With specific songs also served not because I have to admit that in this case, somehow I do not see ... I let it always and only let it run around and soak up the atmosphere. In one listening to me more interesting about this one moment, the next in turn merges with others within the overall mood and sails to the fore another. Perhaps the only thing I would mention is her remake of "Bury the Bottle with Me" on the first disc to me in the context of the rest of the "Songs of Remorse" does not fit, the second cover is recessed into a whole lot more sensitive, even though he acts a little, not particularly disturb it.

Anyhow certainly is a hilarious, enjoyable and least interesting music, which - if it has so far not come into contact - certainly worth hearing ... So, assuming that you are not Orthodox metalheads, because for those that have not addressed seriously. Assuming that you yourself can imagine how you hear something that sounds the way it was approximately described in the preceding lines, there is no reason creating Stroszek recommended. Since the "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures" compilation achievement, so refrain from evaluation, but probably not something to be particularly emphasize the purely musical aspect I would probably points entirely spared ...

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