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Published: January 25, 2014
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Claudio Alcara of Frostmoon Eclipse puts another point to its extensive creative source through the project Stroszek. The main difference lies in the sound of the new path that unlike the black metal of the FE prefers darker atmospheres, researched and developed in the most intimate part of the IO. As can be easily understood, musicians such form, eg me, a source of interest. It is no coincidence, then, that the theme of Alcara acoustic music has affected my perception quickly, because it is characterized by influences of various kinds, though, before arriving in the review I decided to explore them slowly and with the right care, waiting for the right time to assimilate and metabolize it properly. This collection is divided into two chapters (double CD) is an interesting material contained on the mentioned artist which includes a complete remastering of all the tracks + voices re-recorded "Songs of Remorse". To be more precise, suggest the work "Songs of Remorse", "Life Failures Made Music" and the EP "The Wild Hunt". Claudio is prepared to propose to his stories, in which the immediacy of the narrative manages to touch, transmit, effectively, that uneasiness of the unknown beyond the easy sensationalism, is the fundamental suggestion of his artistic career. The voice is captivating, warm, during the flow of minutes. A round of applause to this guy. Really special. Available from December 2013 via Hypnotic Dirge Records. Recommended for lovers of Nick Drake, Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Rome, Alice In Chains ... 

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 Released: December 7, 2013
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Dark Folk / Melancholic Rock