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From: ZWare Metalen
Published: February 7, 2014
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The Italian behind Stroszek , Claudio , does not like capital letters . Everything in the small so . For years, he makes acoustic guitar music with a metal bar where he considers it necessary. Hypnotic Dirge felt the time had come to join his material and bring a reprise of the vocals of Claudio . Out as a double CD Why not .

Why not ? Well, because very few people here are waiting . Hours at a time to do what is Claudio between singing , humming and whispering in it , with a ponderous Johan Edlund vibe something. Pretentious posturing if you ask me, a vague sense of neofolk bears in sight . Boring and very tiring , especially if you want to listen to . The 26 songs consecutively Instrumental is a lot wider , campfire music to conservative black metal to grunge , and all variations in between. Here and there a cover , and then it's over . Stroszek , not recommended , Hypnotic Dirge has a lot more interesting stuff in the house , even in his garden on the compost heap .

Reviewed by: Bart Alfvoet

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