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Published: November 5, 2012
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Terry Vainoras is not unknown in Australia, he worked there in various musical projects such as The Eternal Darkness or Cryptic. With Subterranean Disposition he embarks on solo paths, and presents a doom metal album based on previous work that he has done for Insomnius Dei and then continue driving. Obviously, in Subterranean disposition that he is trying to explore the genre boundaries - or rather to stretch far and see what you get in the genre can still accommodate everything. It so happens that the experiment should be noted the album, but the album works in spite of outbreaks in other realms of metal consistent.

Because one always returns to the basic framework of the Doom Metal: Sluggish riffs and slow drums to acoustic guitars. In each of the ten minute long pieces you tip but then times faster, thrashy passages like Between Apes and Angels , sweet female vocals appear, then death metal bonds in the prologue of Agony and Most subtle of storms then a saxophone while in Seven Sisters of Sleep, one riffs thundered around the ears that feel as if you were overrun. All this creates tension, as it is taken as a listener on unknown paths, but it is also not sure whether Terry Vainoras himself always knew exactly where it was long and did not himself in the middle lost in the thicket of his album.

This question can be left open since the album is boring at any time and such a bleeding can indeed create excitement, but not always desired for. But in retrospect one can claim to have seen something. And you can also in the album. So good!

Reviewed by: Tristan Osterfeld

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Released: October 27, 2012
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