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Published: November 1, 2012
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For this pilot project death doom from Australia is just one person -
but what? Terry Vainoras known connoisseurs of extreme scenes his
significant contribution to the work of such teams as Cryptal
Darkness, The Eternal and Insomnius Dei. Tired of genre limitations
Terry came to the creation of a solo project and is now entitled
Subterranean Disposition shows something that can be described as
experimental or, why not, the intellectual death doom.

Disclose all its aces Terry clearly not in a hurry, and for a detailed
perception of his debut work will need patience, built up over the
years listening to doom-opus, as though part of the album and limited
only five tracks, with gusto by the time they sound stretches from
nine to fourteen minutes. Being beyond trite, but still attractive to
novices formula "Angels and Demons", Mr Vainoras first track "Between
Apes and Angels" determines the place of modern man, vesting this
unsightly image of the musical fabric, woven of dissonance and
gravity. The first song sounds harsh, hard, black as death sentence,
however, it has not got any innovative elements - it's a slow, heavy
death doom with a few brief respite left on the formation of the
atmosphere and brutal attacks, during which the growl becomes more
brutal tones . With them, in fact, begins the second, one of the most
interesting tracks on the album - "Prolong This Agony". Aggressive,
close to the pace sladzhevomu somehow just replaced acoustic passage
in which the microphone is a soloist with the gentle jazz vocals. Her
role in this song because of the length could be called a cameo, but
feels - it plays a major role, especially because such an unusual
shift unexpectedly elegantly fits into the structure of the song. In
the "Seven Sisters of Sleep" Terry again relies on alternating
distorted brutal pressure and gloomy weather inserts, but the
culmination of songs on a plan is more progressive, the second part of
the track, typical representatives of extreme post-half stage. The
same can be said about the very long (hey, who is to be the longest?)
Track album "Most Subtle of Storms": about fifteen minutes by
different voices (and in a whisper, and a clear voice, and feral
growl) accompanies his avant-garde search while in the case does not
come saxophone, the first sounds that proclaim the beginning of a
small trip-hop deviations from the leading, most post'ovoy than
doom'ovoy, themes. And this is a little bit different feel and a
different, more elegant, dynamic, experience which slightly spoils the
prolonged game with "sounds of nature" - the surf pulls final,
acoustic, some songs when they could be safely switched. The final
song "Wailing My Keen" can be described as typical of the material
Subterranean Disposition: frequent changes of pace, sometimes
non-standard design for death doom melody that at times, again close
to the post-rhythms, short batch of female vocals and many exciting
atmosphere of its decisions.

Subterranean Disposition - is not just about musical horizons, but
also reflection on human nature and its anomalies, as a result, Terry
took an important place in their songs, the texts - a curious and deep
enough for the genre. Describing his music, the author operates with
such constants as "dissonance, the atmosphere, dynamic, heavy,
melodic," and you can safely rely on this definition. In essence it is
far from the familiar to the standards slow death doom, in which you
can really hear if not radical, but sometimes fresh experiments by
which from time to time have a desire pereslushat this or that song.
In such cases, when I come across a decent, like this, the material, I
want to finish the review words of hope about the release of the
project. I will not change this habit: it is interesting that the next
time bring us Subterranean Disposition.

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Released: October 27, 2012
500 Copies (400 regular, 100 digipack)
Experimental Doom Metal