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Posted by Nick Skog on Sunday, November 25, 2012 Under: Album Reviews
Published: November 25, 2012
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The Australian Vainoras Terry decides to do it all alone after brief appearances in the formation of prominent extreme doom scene in your country (and beyond) as Cryptal Darkness and The Eternal . The guideline to better follow the self-titled debut is all here, as with other Australian bands approach is not simple ones, like Terry in different situations and create mutations, sometimes borders on shores purely gothic / doom as in the opener Between Apes And Angels where there is also a moment lyrically very close to My Dying Bride . A Seven Sisters Of Sleep instead results in almost hatches alternative, his is a hypnotic and swinging forward, a constant running up and down slowly and introspection that is able to complete its mission damned (very nice especially the performance and openness to an exciting finish.) Production of Subterranean Disposition is clean, the sound is crisp but the guitar chokes making it very "closed" and suffocating despite the power and the "treatment" applied as cloth background. dominates the growl but not is the only exclusive, even the voice like a change along the lines dictated by the basic music, The Most Subtle of Storms we share talk / give sigh for the change with the suspension of the guitars always accurate and deadly in their gait. As already left mean listening to this disc is the most simple, the music late in issuing its dark charm that an attentive listening comes out quite clearly. The praise for all this-or rather the courage-is that it has made โ€‹โ€‹a record completely "anti-government", there is nothing to try to break through walls made โ€‹โ€‹of simplicity and elegance, everything is built like a rubbing of song must appear, there is a kind of improvisation appreciated that pushes me to listen with renewed curiosity. This disc ends in that particular category that leaves the listener stunned at the end of all, music that leaves him his "dream sense," a kind of disorientation where the contours are not really focused. Guessed the closure of strict and intensive Wailing My Keen , simple peak depth of the disk. Subterranean Disposition is not a masterpiece, you will not even remember a long time but remain engraved in the memory of aficionados who from time to time will know rispolverarlo properly so how to make a dress that you wear for a long time. No peak dizzy but a lot of positivity, and then as I often say in these cases "is just a beginning."

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: DukeFog


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Released: October 27, 2012
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Experimental Doom Metal