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Published: October 24, 2012
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Subterranean Disposition is a one man melodic doom/death metal band from Melbourne, Australia.Terry Vainoras is the man behind the band, a musician with a decade and a half long career of recording and performing with many groups.

The forthcoming self titled “Subterranean Disposition” album is a interesting new release, with a little bit of old-school flavor and it will be released in in October by

The album has 5 songs, all of them in the near of 10 minutes playing time and it is a combination of some doom metal from the 90′s, especially the British death/doom metal scene, modern sludge elements, some kind of hardcore passages and some complex songwriting.
Between Apes and Angels, the first song on the album has a chaotic start, the disturbing screams of the apes are a preface of what’s next, chaos, slow oppressive riffs and atmosphere, no sign of angelic scenes. There are some parts in this song that remind me of Graveyard Dirt – on the melodic part and My Dying Bride on the clean vocals used throughout the song.

Prolong this Agony is a little bit more experimental, there is a small riff at the start that creates a calm and melancholic mood, somewhat similar to Ahab’s Oath, but this is just for a couple of seconds, the song continues with hectic sludge doom passages, some kind of hardcore vocals and some female vocals. Too much? Maybe.

All the elements that have inspired Terry Vainoras in this album can be heard in the 4th song, The Most Subtle of Storms, a song that has the classical doom elements, the modern sludge approach, an experimental jazzy saxophone moment and different kind of vocal types, a mix of all what you can hear in this album.

By the looks of it, Subterranean Disposition is an album that tries to hard to make an impact. Of course, the quality is good, you can hear that there is a lot of experience, but for my conservatoire tastes, I think that there are some parts that are a little bit overworked. Well, this can also be a good thing, just follow the links, take a listen and see by yourself.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Doru


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Released: October 27, 2012
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