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Published: October 15, 2012
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Arriving from Canada’s Hypnotic Dirge Records, today we have a pretty solid Death/Doom Metal band named Subterranean Disposition. Unleashing their self-titled debut album, this one man band features Australian scene veteran Terry Vainoras delivering five tracks of crushing Death/Doom in the vein of bands like Mournful Congregation, Mourning Beloveth, but with a faster pace and a few surprises.

Opening with the 9-minute epic “Between Apes and Angles” the band has all the hallmarks of a traditional release in the genre and some cool atmospheric elements. The riffs are slow and powerful, and the growls are pretty solid, nothing out of the ordinary if you ask us. However, things start getting interesting with “Prolong this Agony” and some experimental elements here and there. The pop/jazzy female vocals work quite well when introduced in a melodic passage, effectively changing the pace of the track and puzzling the listener for a bit.

Featuring more very interesting tempo changes, “Seven Sisters of Sleep” delivers more unexpected twists that feel unconventional and quite refreshing since most releases in the genre seem to always stick to the basics only. The drumming in this track is quite engaging and the sudden shifts in the song’s atmosphere are quite diverse. Keeping things epic, “The Most Subtle of Storms” delivers another dosage of monumental riffs and brilliant (and jazzy) instrumental interludes that sound excellent in such a complex track.

Closing with another weird track featuring more female vocals and odd atmospheric passage, this self-titled debut clearly shows that Subterranean Disposition has very interesting ideas to bring to the genre. This one-man project still seems to be finding its identity, but we like what we have heard and the mixture of elements is mostly very well incorporated. If you like Doom riffs and deep growls and want to be surprised, go and check out this release on the band’s site or get it for a measly 5 dollars in digital form.

Rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Dark Emperor


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Released: October 27, 2012
500 Copies (400 regular, 100 digipack)
Experimental Doom Metal