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Published: February 4, 2013
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Subterranean Disposition is a one-man experimental and melodic doom/death metal/ambient recording project hailing from Melbourne (Australia). The only member is Terry Vainoras, a veteran of underground Australian metal scene spanning a career almost two decades in length.

Subterranean Disposition is also a self-titled debut containing only five lengthy and epic tracks, the shortest being almost nine minutes long. The album as a whole explores the use of dissonance and ambience, lending a great amount of dynamics to the long passages of darkness and light. It is recorded in a true early 90s doom and modern sludge manner and one feels almost nostalgic while listening to this material.

The album ranges far and wide across musical and atmospheric soundscapes! It is also an intense, ambient and imaginative process of listening to this opus. It offers a few unexpected surprises even when least expected.

The guitars are hypnotic and harmonized while leading the whole thing. As supplement we have varied vocals, sometimes being eerie and sometimes grunting death metal vocals. In additional to that Terry he also uses to great effect spoken word voices. Add to that also sometimes mechanical percussion, seductive sound of the saxophone and heavy/epic drumming, and then you have a full idea what this material is about.

With Subterranean Disposition you can expect nothing less than all-encompassing, brooding, dark and experimental ride through desolate and devastating darkness. Esp. recommended for fans of such as diverse acts as Ulver, Cult Of Luna, My Dying Bride, Gojira and similar progressive death/doom bands.

Rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Bato


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Released: October 27, 2012
500 Copies (400 regular, 100 digipack)
Experimental Doom Metal