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Published: July 18, 2013
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Behind the name 'Subterranean Disposition' lurks the figure of Terry Vainoras, singer and multi-instrumentalist who has made a big mess in the extreme Australian Doom scene and over the years has made his fine appearances with creatures and Cryptal The Eternal Darkness. Subterranean Disposition instead is a very young project that plays only he and the artist has occupied a bit 'of all aspects that underlay the establishment of a disc, as well as having played all the instruments and sang. 

The self-titled album is a masterpiece can not be applied at the time: too many corners hinder what could be a total understanding of something extremely difficult to digest. This is not only of Death / Doom, it would be simplistic and offensive relegate the work of Vainoras to a mere proposal: the musician explores experiences moments that go quietly to touch the Gothic / Doom Metal ('Between Apes and Angels') but he knows compositions handle even moderately long (it exceeds 14 minutes) as "The Most Subtle of Storms" in which the mixture of melancholy epic finally manages to pop out. 

Certainly it is to say that the sound quality with which all these things are not up to the confrontation with reality much more famous but the courage shown by Terry Vainoras is to be commended: 'Subterranean Disposition' has its extraordinary elegance while still far from appearing marketable. It 'a disc full of many elements, perhaps too many times but it is still a debut overly excited watching so many different ways and does not have a lot of maturity, the rest is a debut and no one is claiming that a project has already arrived in cooking.

Rating: 64/100

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Released: October 27, 2012
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