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December 3, 2012
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Here we have the 2012 released self-titled debut album of "Subterranean Disposition. The first thing that You'll notice on this release is that it's not Your everyday death/doom metal. But it's rather an experiment. What I mean by this is, that Terry(the only member of "SD") is combining elements like acoustic, folk or ambient music also female vocals are present.

A very unique part of the album is the use of dissonance, it truly gives a remarkable touch to the whole record. Also the lyrics are written good so, You'll for sure be able to travel into a darker and stranger world then ours.

All in all, the album is pretty decent at some parts even stunning. So, if You like dark, heavy and deep metal music, this is something You don't want to miss.

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Released: October 27, 2012
500 Copies (400 regular, 100 digipack)
Experimental Doom Metal