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From: Music Swept Away the Colours
Published: May 3, 2013
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With a few months late, comes the debut of this one-man-band Australian country that not only has a black and death scene really enviable, but also hides other extreme metal bands that the label is committed Hypnotic Dirge we discover. Specifically from Melbourne comes the debut of Subterranean Disposition, Terry Vainoras new draft, veteran musician who has participated in many bands of different styles as Order of Chaos, Earth, InSomnius Dei, The Eternal, Hellspawn, Cryptal Darkness, etc ... This After addressing the death-doom, a subgenre that provided the best of times long past in the nineties, but in this album it comes from an experimental approach. 

The genera "mother" as the doom and eventually branch out the most interesting are not exercises in nostalgia but those who manage to project into the future. Either that Terry should think that without breaking with the patterns of death-doom classic, serves five long threads, in a compendium of good ideas, experimentation and most importantly, the creative ability to express them. 

Within seconds of plugging in the player, from the bottom of a jungle squeals we hear horror of prey caught by the predator, which serve to introduce "Between Apes and Angels". Clean arpeggios and melodic riffs to Officium Triste, inventive and unfold that touch emotional death-doom that engages both the acolytes of the affliction. 

The digital battery performs its task to perfection, resulting hype hitting hard enough and together reach the depth necessary to succeed in creating an oppressive atmosphere. Bases slow and repetitive with some good old touch of death metal. 

Terry has different technical and stylistic resources. We can distinguish four types of voices, from the cavernous growls, melodic voice, harsh cries a hoarse voice for the spoken parts. But the issue of vocal range does not end here. Definitely, it was a good idea to introduce the female voice that appears in "Prolog this Agony", a midway between the sludge and gothic-metal, which moves between asphyxia and the peace of their harmonies, but loses pulse this unexpected contribution. 

Touches really outstanding class "Seven Sisters of Sleep", a name used by one group of A389 Recordings. Here we see an ability to unite the different parts, contrasting environments, integrating effects as a structural part, such as playing with the delay to create the rhythm. 

But most times the digital effects are in place, the use of all kinds of vocal effects pedals, post ... just saturated. And Terry does not see an issue without effects adorn it each piece. While these help to highlight some parts, in other distracting us because they make us to focus more on the "how" than the "what". 

Interestingly these two issues are the ones I've been hooked. "Most Subtle of Storms" the first cut I heard the album, and is also the longest, grabbed me immediately. If you know squeeze, four chords and a simple melody can give so much of themselves. Also if touched with claw and imagination of Terry the result is exceptional. 

The hypnotic pulse double bass plunges you into a world of illusions dominated by fear and anger. It is the struggle against oneself. The letters are abstract but sufficiently descriptive. Basically we talk about extreme emotions ... something genre fans may feel easily identified. 

Compasses that stretch, a change of tempo and a sax? Genial! this is what separates the pioneers of the flock of clones, introducing elements that genre fans are not Become familiar and we received with surprise. Then, not knowing how we got there, we awoke on a deserted beach. 

For its part, "Wailing My Keen" is another step agonizing trip to having epic irremediable dyes. Between life and squirming with fear the great unknown void, facing us defenseless. Subtle effects recreate the transition between waking reality of a fragile and exposure to intense emanation of death. 

If not for the tireless promotion of people of HDR, an album so original and good times, we might have overlooked. Something that I hope will not happen to you. 

Reviewed by: Ko.Re
Rating: 8.5/10


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Released: October 27, 2012
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