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Published: March 4, 2014
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"One-man-band" that comes from the other side of the planet with his first work on the arm that is neither more nor less than a full album, self-titled group "Subterranean Disposition". It was edited by Canadian Hypnotic Dirge Records label last year with a circulation of 500 copies. Attractions Who is behind this Australian training? For it is nothing less that Mr. Terry Vainoras known in the local scene by military in endless missing or bands like Cryptal Darkness, The Eternal, Order of Chaos, Earth ... The album contains 5 songs of Death / Doom and duration of over 50 minutes, so you can imagine how long they are songs. I would say it is a dense album that requires multiple listens as it does not come to the top, or at least I have not done the truth. "Between Apes and Angels" the first cut is beginning to slow bursting guttural voices that bring ponderous Death for later, switch to a clean with very timbre to Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride) enclosing the metal part, the aggressive and rabid core to return in a loop as described above. "Prolong the Agony" is unique in that it first appears in the plastic, the female voice of Phoebe Pinnock (Heaven the Axe) which gives the track a different feel since, his voice is not typical that we are used to hearing this kind of groups you know, in plan Theatre of Tragedy, The 3rd and the Mortal ... nor in Epica, Arch Enemy and Nightwish plan, is a say word "simple" average and I think there is where its special touch. Otherwise, the song that contains the fastest parts of the whole CD. "Seven Sisters of Sleep" dense matter containing some industrial touches mid-cut vent a little and make the listener does not fall into a deep coma . The letters in the words of its author, are based on the eponymous book work of the English Mordecai Cooke, but using a metaphor for addiction to drugs. "The Most Subtle of Storms" contains other partnership that owns the disk by D'arcy Molan and his saxophone, a rare metal formations instrument. The longest song with a slow and quiet central section ends with the sound of waves crashing on the shore. "Wailing my Keen" that closes the set and in which some influences or even something more gothic rock shows in the music and voices. Although not without grunts and harsh guitars halftime. himself Terry Vainoras has been commissioned to write, produce and play all the instruments (except for the battery which I believe is scheduled) although direct is help session musicians to offer their services to perform concerts. "Subterranean Disposition" could be material for dreamers ears for the rest as they say out there "good but not great." 

Rating: 6/10

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Released: October 27, 2012
500 Copies (400 regular, 100 digipack)
Experimental Doom Metal