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Published: April 1, 2019 

From the massive wall of sound that opens up the first track, The Haunting Green present a bold and advantageous debut full length with “Natural Extinctions”.

Dready and soothing, the melodic interludes clash against the anguished vocals simmered in the dark murk of drone doom. Experimental elements in the percussion section bring in ritualistic tribalesque vibes that are a refreshing take on a genre that is often too comfortable being rigidly monotonous. The beautiful piano work on “Where Nothing Grows” is the highlight of the album for me offering an icy caress after the tribulation found earlier on the lengthy, almost 10 minute track.This album meanders between harsh pained black vocals, fast guitars and somber dreamy states of melodic reflection.

As someone who is normally put off by the term ‘experimental’, I was pleased that this album doesn’t cross into the boundaries of off the wall, nonsensical experimental. It’s slightly weird, but done in such a way that it’s cohesive, thought provoking and just jarring enough to not let the listener succumb to boredom as is common with droneish doom.

Hailing from Northeast Italy, The Haunting Green are Cristiano Perin (vocals, guitars, synthesizers) and Chantal Fresco (drums and percussions). Formed in 2012, “Natural Extinctions” is the first full length offering from the band and it follows a debut EP and split collaboration. Recorded Mixed, and Mastered at El Fish Recording Studio and with the cover art illustrated by Jessica Rassi (The Giant Lab), Natural Extinctions is one of my must listens for 2019.

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 Released: March 5, 2019
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Genre: Doom Metal / Post Metal