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Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, June 17, 2022 Under: English
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Published: June 7, 2022

Right now, it is staying light until quite late but fortunately the past few days the weather has been bleak and miserable so it’s a perfect time to listen to a nice amount of death doom, up step Serbia’s Tishina unveiling something initially intended as a side project now present debut album Uvod… Immediately were in for an eight-minute ride with Iz Mrtvog Ugla – slow, purposely melancholic in tone make for a great start to a release that I’m already connecting with emotionally so when the opening riffs to Dve Crne Ruze start I’m left slightly puzzled with such a shift and although Tishina pull it back midway through, I do then question the necessity of the short (48 seconds) instrumental Uteha. 

Fortunately, the next fifteen minutes are the redeeming quality of Uvod with both Jutro Poslednjeg Dana and Zauvek providing the heart of the album with the latter even being slight reminiscent of My Dying Bride’s The Cry Of Mankind minus the violins. Now if the album had ended there, I would’ve been more than fine with it but unfortunately the final track Tishina is another short instrumental piece that I just couldn’t connect with which is a shame as for a debut it’s themes, inspiration and imagery are wonderful, but I just couldn’t shake the negativity with the inclusion of some of the tracks. It is something in time that I might connect with further down the road, just not at this time. A nice inclusion into the death-doom circle.

Rating: 6/10
Reviewed by: Rick Eaglestone

In : English 

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 Released: May 30, 2022
Genre: Atmospheric Death-Doom Metal


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