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Published: May 16, 2022
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Tишина (“Tishina” or “Silence”) is a new melodic doom/death project founded by Serbian musician Branislav Panić, known for his work in the blackened death metal band Bane. Under the banner of Tишина, he has drawn upon the influence of such bands as Saturnus, October Tide, Mourning Beloveth, and Doom:vs, among others, and the results are now captured on a debut album named Увод… (“Uvod…” or “Introduction…”), which was inspired mainly by a book of poems named Nad Vodama Aheronta by the Serbian author Predrag Rava.

Увод… will be co-released on May 30th by Satanath Records, Hypnotic Dirge Records, and The End Of Time Records. As that day fast approaches, we are now presenting a song from the album named “Јутро Последњег Дана” (Jutro Poslednjeg Dana), which is a remarkable amalgam of sensations, both spellbinding and hard-hitting.

The song creates a feeling of fiery splendor from the beginning, with big jolting grooves and a high-flying melody that darts and swirls, but shadows fall across the music when Panić‘s massive growl enters the fray. There’s still a darting and shining quality to the melody, but it begins to sound forlorn and beseeching, even though the music’s electrifying vibrancy is undiminished, and even though the lead guitar soars like a hawk made of light.

As forecast above, you’ll also discover that the song hits hard, thanks to thrusting bass lines and skull-cleaving drumwork. But it’s the song’s ringing melody and the variations on its theme that are likely to get stuck in the head most firmly. And, well, Panić‘s gargantuan growls will be hard to forget too.

The album seems to be another silver lining around the black cloud of the first pandemic year. It was originally written in 2020, and recorded the following year at various home studios before finally getting the proper treatment at HellSound Studio in the Czech Republic (2022) by Honza Kapak (Master’s Hammer, Bohemyst, ex-Avenger). It features fascinating cover art and logo created by Aleksandra Panić, and the lyrics come from the work of Predrag Rava.

Along with pre-order links, we’ve also included a stream of the previously released song “Две Црне Руже” (Dve Crne Ruze), which is a free download at Satanath‘s Bandcamp page for the album. You’ll find that stylistically it’s a kindred spirit to the song we’re premiering today. It proves to be thoroughly entrancing, though perhaps even more shadowed by sorrow and roiled by turmoil. It also features greater prominence for the bass and a sequence when the music’s intensity becomes disturbing in its turbulence.

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 Released: May 30, 2022
Genre: Atmospheric Death-Doom Metal


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