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Published: May 12, 2015
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Black metal is a genre that contains a set of seemingly-rigid guidelines that are constantly distorted in a myriad of ways. Taking the set formula and twisting it is, and always has been, a key part of what contributes to the quality of a black metal album. Hell, subgenres like atmospheric black metal and avant-garde black metal couldn’t have been created without the twisting and subverting of the rules of the genre. And today, I have a fine rule-bending treat to present to you: the premier of a song by Verlies, from their upcoming album Les Domaines De Hommes.

Hailing from France, this band brings forth a brooding and atmospheric style of music that combines elements of traditional black metal, avant-garde metal, and post-rock into a emotively powerful fusion. By bringing in some traits of experimental jazz and other various genres to expand their sound, the group diversifies their music and puts forth a blend of influences that will leave listeners craving more.

Their sound twists and turns, churning through disparate sections and weaving many different threads and ideas into a climactic and powerful ending. Verlies is the opposite of an easy listen: it’s heady, hard to follow, and emotionally raw. At the end, though, the cathartic nature of the music wins out and the listener is left feeling cleansed.

Reviewed by: Simon Handmaker

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 Released: May 28, 2015
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