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From: Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6
Published: November 2014

It is strongly appreciable that the album “Once Hidden from Sight” has sprang out from the post-Soviet block. This time, these Ukrainians Vin de Mia Trix bring out their debut full-length album. I rush to say that this release is lonesome. What does this metaphor mean? The CD really substantially lacks of solidity, depth and rudimentary heaviness. In those places where two guitars (rhythmic and solo) should constitute an unbeatable duet, the rhythm just hangs by a thread and the vocals, even the entire music is kept in the hands of weak and yearning solos. I mean, in the hands of solitary solos... It doesn’t reach my ear in any way. Whereas, I would strongly desire for a real, melancholic and brutal Death/Doom sound...

While talking about that appreciable sound from the East, I mean a particular standard timbre of vocals. Besides that, Vin de Mia Trix creation is quite close to the music of Saturnus, but again, it couldn’t be equated to it not just by its massiveness, but also by the general level of creativity. Essentially, this more than an hour lasting album mostly lacks of creative songs and great guitar riffs. Some songs’ chords even induce boredom (for example, “A Study in Scarlet”) and allow the forming of a wrong view about the remaining parts of the CD. But perhaps everything isn’t that bad. It is just a Melodic Death/Doom Metal, which contains too many attempts to make something out of nothing. The album is short of concrete material and integrity. It starts to improve from the middle, but in general, Vin de Mia Trix are way closer to Frailty, who are still not able to spring out, and become the ornament of the Russian stage of Doom Откровения Дождя by their creative potential and musical direction. 

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Odium

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