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Published: February 22, 2014
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The Vin de Mia Trix (do not ask me what it means or what language it is) despite the album title in English and some song titles in French and the other in Spanish, are Ukrainians from Kiev, and with this "Once in the welter sight" come their debut album doom / death metal in the long run. 
The music proposed by VDMT is profound, sometimes quite vague on riffs and austere, more often than not to insist on a dark and gloomy mood of the songs when you go up, while in the more death and minimalist songs become less abrasive and scratching, like the beginning of "Nothing is here." Broadly speaking, therefore, imagine a mood comparable to certain things early November's Doom "Amidst ITS hallowed mirth," or a doom never too slow and always very guitar oriented, but at the same time rarely gets really aggressive and powerful. 

listening of 'album but a glimpse of a band that re pretty well all the trappings of doom / death, with use of a certain personality, heaviness, and abrasive bleak moments, but alas, each of these elements must be developed for me for good. None of the weapons used by Vin de Mia Trix is lethal in this album. An example summary is easily given dall'opener "A Study in Scarlet", where the sound quality too soft ends to work, by contrast, death in parts, but it makes the slower ones too blurry, a lot of ballasting the track. Among the other songs more than once seem too stretched. And it is on the shorter tracks, such as the beautiful "The sleep of reason" that VDMT fail to shine, with a bitter and twisted mood to start really winning song, and "Silent World" that hits the target for a shot compositional really good. 

short: "Once hidden in sight" is a good record, but it has some ingenuity filing that end up spoiling the good that is done. The band does indeed need to focus on the intensity of the atmosphere, increasing the repetition of songs and transporting the same. And maybe cut something: for what reason 12 minutes of the album are composed of two tracks (the third and sixth) that are made ​​only from the piano? It really is something so necessary to insert two tracks of that type? Personally, no. 

"Once hidden in sight" is not bad, but it is an album that has some typical defects of the debut album. I would recommend them for now to completists of doom / death metal, but from the next album, I expect more.

Rating: 67/100
Reviewed by: Snarl

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