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Published: October 7, 2013
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Ukrainian party with the mysterious name Vin de Mia Trix dates its origin to 2007, and despite being the much missed, it does not automatically mean that it would in its creation was to know. So, to say it to the right level, when talking about the little, and by that I mean one EP, aptly titled demo "Promo" and of course the actual debut "Once Hidden from Sight" , which on more than sixty minutes presenting their vision záhrobního doom / death metal, and I have to tell them that it's not bad at all, because this is advanced in many respects gained, and experienced board. Vin de Mia Trix are obviously zatěžkaní, as though through the thickest mud, but their lack počinu guitar melody, which makes it a little more accessible affair than other things Orthodox worshipers of this music.

My relationship to this board but not from the beginning even pink. As I joined her at first could not find the way, which I attributed her poor záživnosti and monotony, because exactly on me after a few you send worked, so I finally found her in delight and its gloomy atmosphere overpowered me. "Once Hidden from Sight " is not simply the act of listening, I say frankly, even though it's probably due to his general musical focus, because not everyone has to sit down weary riffs, deep growling and pessimistic mood, that seeps almost every second. I personally this style of music I like, although generally prefer živelnější conjunction death and doom metal as it should be practiced such Asphyx , but it is a completely different weight class. Actually, I was just trying to explain ONU inaccessibility, which, however, does not stem from the fact that the album was boring, just to have one on a plate in the mood.

In the case of "Once Hidden from Sight" will definitely not go into describing individual tracks, because they express the connection funeral doom / death must be clear to everyone that I always ended up at the sign of cognitive genre, such as brooding, but dense guitars, which sometimes melodic turns clear, very slow rhythm and roztahanost individual themes and sub-ideas to maximize the area, which on one hand can act hypnotically, on the other hand, if it fails, rather annoyingly. Vin de Mia Trix oscillate gently on the edge of both, they are songs where I had the feeling that everything is in place and extended footage they eventually thrived (melodic "A Study in Scarlet" and "Metamorphosis" ) and so I found the ones that bored me at least ( "Là où le rêve et le jour s'effleurèrent " and "La persistència de la memoria" ). I deliberately into the second group chose this pair. Not because of the exotic names, but because it is an instrumental pieces, which support the gothic atmosphere and the only tool in which you hear is actually a piano. I understand that Vin de Mia Trix tried to lighten the depressing atmosphere, but to me, these pieces exactly the opposite effect. Instead, I have after completion sharpening teeth on another portion of dense doom, I waited for the end as a mercy, because in my opinion unnecessarily undo what the other songs painstakingly built. Fortunately, however, there is a first group of monumental compositions to you an area of around nine minutes bring proper agitation, which is exactly what I demanded from the band.

I will not talk unnecessarily stretch their efforts to describe something that is very difficult to describe because it willy-nilly, "Once Hidden from Sight" is so specific issue that you have worked on it a good idea so you have to give it time and give it a certain amount of their efforts in the form of several listenings. I do not believe that the Vin de Mia Trix in the future, at least closer to classics of the genre, but if they will be seen as the bearer of the legacy that has long been built by others, so you should not be disappointed. For fans of doom / death metal is the absolute duty that should not be missed.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Kaša

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