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Published: August 15, 2014

Vin De Mia Trix is such a beautiful band. Rarely do you come across such evocative and progressive Doom Metal music. It’s at once remindful of Ennui, especially the band’s recent material. In that, it’s almost as wistful and employs stirring leads to create a dramatic effect against the backdrop of plodding, despondent music. The band doesn’t seem to adhere to the firm Funeral Doom Metal template and like Esoteric, dabbles in areas outside the box. Its path isn’t a well-worn one and it seeks to explore different methods for expressing the music. It requires patience but it isn’t something that’s off-kilter or too artistic – to deem so is almost unfair. Quercus is one that’s truly artistic without probably giving a shit for the conventional norm but in comparison this Ukrainian band is a lot more digestible and atmospheric. More importantly, the music has sentient emotions and tangible ones at that. It just requires some time to wrap your head around it as the music slowly and elegantly unfurls its facets. It’s not as if it requires effort either – it’s just naturally moving, floating through almost, and all you have to do is give it a chance. It’s mesmerizing, slow yet striking and it’s hard not to get moved or stunned into silence when this is on.
Already the band is better than the stereotypical Funeral Doom Metal bands because it’s delving into a more atmospheric style, one without the fundamental underpinnings. Where it goes off tangent is when clean mournful almost vocals are employed, changing the pattern of the music. At such times that band is vaguely reminiscent of My Dying Bride circa ‘The Angel and the Dark River’. It seems a little misplaced as does the momentum hampering instrumental songs right between the important ones of the album. They’re like unnecessary breaks in a suspenseful movie that has managed to intrigue you from the opening tunes. Once you’re off the track, it’s a little difficult to get back on it, especially when it comes to this style of music. It’s already so slow and moody, it better do more to capture and more importantly, retain your attention.

There’s even a band member of Kauan, which is one of the most magnificent bands in existence especially during the ‘Aava Tuulen Maa’ era. The melodies are sublime but consistency would’ve made this album all the more special. It already is in a way phenomenal and doing something that most bands aren’t. It’s about time someone does something different in this Doom Metal style of music and Vin De Mia Trix is doing it remarkably well. Indeed, this is an outstanding release with shades of melancholy and beautiful if gentle pacing so as to fully enhance the emotions it’s trying to portray on a canvas rarely used.

The artwork is something you don’t see every day – the pattern is unique, as is the pattern of the song structuring. Or the song placement. Almost every song is important and some are more patient unlike me. There is an underlying theme almost as the music suggests because it’s somewhat unpredictable till the last song. The Death Metal influences are there and the music oscillates between the heavier and mellower parts but not in a jarring way, rather in a way that’s symbolic of life where chaos and tranquility have to be endured. You can’t take anything for granted. Nor can you afford to miss out on this gem of an album that deserves a place in your collection simply on its merit of daring originality or a valiant attempt to bend the norm.

Reviewed by: Kunal Choksi

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