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Published: August 22, 2020

‘Echoes’, from Houston, Texas prog, black/death metal band Wills Dissolve is the new epic 32 minute single, following their debut full-length, ‘The Heavens Are Not On Fire’. Based on the vagaries of space exploration, from the astronaut’s perspective, in a scenario in which, Earth is no longer habitable. Conceptually, at its heart is the destructive consequences of the actions of humans. Covering various genres, including prog, death and black metal, ambience etc, it’s a very fluid sound, with lots of aural motion.

Officially released Friday 28th August 2020, via Hypnotic Dirge Records, ‘Echoes’ will be launched as a Digipack CD, plus other exclusive merch. Depicting a possibly looming future, it’s a dark and sinister warning of what may be yet to come.

Artwork by Adam Burke (Nightjar Illustration), ‘Echoes’ was mixed by Andrew Caruana (guitars) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege).

WD are a quartet, with inspirations originating from Houston’s past with astronomy. Founded in 2015.

Utilising a narrative approach, WD take ideas from their prog inspirations, including Pink Floyd, Rush and Yes and other forms of influence from Opeth, Isis, Isahn and Darkspace. Their sci-fi, planetary journey began with the ‘THANOF’ album, charting historical landmark events. Taking things another step further forward, ‘Echoes’ continues with this same general theme.

Echoes – Opening slowly, with a very proggy vortex of sound. Riffs entering, on mournful tones, slowly speeding up, slightly, merging into a radio voice-over. Plucky, tighter, ominous riffs blend with a dark surround. Vocals entering next, echoing, into the blackness. Jumpier riff tones take over. Shimmering audio effects intro mystery and more dread. Exploding, from there, into a classic black metal sound, roaring growled vocals convey the same sense of dread. Softer, more melodic vocals overtake, with Vai-esque riffs, bringing some colour and light. Intensifying the sound and feel of the melody, bringing in the depth of the bass and mingling it with that more psychedelic melodic emphasis, of Satriani-esque proportions. Battle drumming takes it back into gory territory, with light steel surrounds. Gentler tones then enter, creating a more ambient sound. An almost reverential vocal arrangement follows. Group vocals add to that haunting sense. The melody becomes melancholic, before taking things up, a few notches. A sense of intrigue infiltrates, before reintroducing the blackened gore, including some darkened screams. Now moving into stronger doom arenas, with hints of stoner and touches of fantasy metal. Combining several conflicting sounds and genres, before folding it up, into a swirling vortex and then recreating a similar mystical sense, for the next section. Monster growls return, amongst heavy riffs and drums, then swallowed by blackness, changing to light, in a kaleidoscopic effect of intermingling flow. Penetrating riffs and gradually ebbing and flowing vocals come next, as the riffs turn to gentle acoustics, blending with electric light riffs, building it up, to a higher sound, gradually, moving in and out of itself, before once more, changing form. Dark suspense encapsulating the following arrangement, with an entourage of harder drumming and black death roars, again. Drums get heavier, as the blackened shouts increase and intensify. Palpably heavier atmospherics embody this section, as the vocals lift, as it moves, smoothly, towards the end. Cymbals join the drums there and an anthemic vocal strand enters. Quite a powerful sound, as melodic psychedelia returns to the riffs, before ending, on strong doom atmospherics, combined with a lighter, lilting flute solo and equally lighter, gently strummed riffs and closing ambient chants.

Overall – An intelligent, creatively crafted journey, into the most profound depths of space, ‘Echoes’ certainly conveys its intended message well. Portrayed through a complete miasma of shades and sounds, this is one for meditative purposes, depicting intriguing aural portraits of the vast possibilities of otherwise incongruent extremes of metallic sounds.

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed by: Jenny Tate

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 Released: August 28, 2020
Genre: Progressive Metal
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