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Houston is known for being the center of outer space and geological exploration, as well as being located in a region central to the 19th century war for Texas independence.  Drawing inspiration from this galactic curiosity, as well as the unbridled wildness of rural 19th century Texas, Wills Dissolve aims to expose a burgeoning extreme progressive metal scene to a national and international audience.

In October 2018, Wills Dissolve released "The Heavens Are Not on Fire...", their nearly flawless debut album with an engaging and unique sound that perfectly illuminates the concept of the record. 

We are pleased to announce that Wills Dissolve has partnered up with Hypnotic Dirge Records to help promote and distribute the record, as well as the forthcoming second album. 

Hypnotic Dirge will be re-releasing "The Heavens Are Not On Fire..." digitally as well as taking over the distribution and sale of the first pressing of the Digipack CD which is now available on the HDR Webshop and Bandcamp. Once the first pressing sells out, we will be re-pressing the debut album as well, likely around the time of the second album's release.

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“The Heavens Are Not On the debut album from Wills Dissolve. Equally atmospheric and aggressive, this album weaves its concept (“a meditation on religion, violence, and cosmic chaos”) through seamless, satisfying transitions between ambient and bold passages. Led by masterfully executed drum grooves and finished with blazing, melodic leads and crushing vocals, Heavens… is progressive, but never wandering. Although one can certainly recognize influences both named by the band (Opeth, Katatonia, Ihsahn) and surprising (Rotting Christ, In Vain, Kozeljnik, November’s Doom), nothing about this spectacular debut is derivative. The production is clean and balanced, perfectly restrained, allowing each element to shine through organically. The Heavens Are Not On Fire… transports the listener to The Great Meteor Storm of 1833, an event erroneously interpreted by North American Christians as the biblical apocalypse and later recognized as the beginning of a critical shift towards a secular understanding of celestial phenomena. Lyrically and musically, Wills Dissolve’s debut is worth the many listens it takes to appreciate its authenticity and originality. “No More Sanctity!”

1 - The heavens are not on fire [12:24]
2 - so do not mistake these ashes [08:32]
3 - for signs from on high [11:42]
4 - on this cold November night [11:40]
5 - 11-13-1833 [03:17]
Total Playing Time: 47:38

Wills Dissolve is: 
Nick Block - Guitar, Vocals 
Andrew Caruana - Lead Guitar, Vocals 
Branson Heinz - Drums, Percussion 
Shaun Weller - Bass, Vocals

Cover Art - Cauê Piloto

“In the band’s own words, The Heavens Are Not On Fire…“is a meditation on religion, violence, and cosmic chaos”. And it’s also a phenomenal piece of Prog/Death wizardry to boot. Clocking in at a mere five tracks but still supplying over forty-five minutes of spellbinding metallic magic, Wills Dissolve have produced something here that’s equally influenced by Edge of Sanity and Opeth as it is Isis and Neurosis, yet which effortlessly stands out as its own unique entity through a delicate blend of ambitious songwriting and artful execution.”
– No Clean Singing

Texas’ Wills Dissolve take a sort of Opethian approach to songwriting with a hypnotic repeating melodies, but with one major difference: they don’t linger on one riff forever. Mixed into their style  is just about anything that could possibly sound good with obvious doom, black, and prog influences. The Heavens are Not on Fire stuns with solos, crushes with blast beats, and blindsides with range.
– Toilet Ov Hell

“It seems odd to think of something described as a progressive combination of death, doom, and black metal as “an easy listen,” but it really is. The contrasts within songs and the seamless segues between them creates a musical work that really just slips by without any real effort from the listener... I cannot recommend this album highly enough.” 
– The Progressive Aspect

“I've been hyping up this band for a little bit now and I simply can't do it enough. This Texas band combines the elements of Swallow The Sun, Novembers Doom, Isis, and Opeth that I've always wanted to hear in a band. They can go from a hauntingly beautiful acoustic driven ballad and quickly change it into a brutalized death metal song and it's entirely seamless. This concept album hits all the right notes that makes the band's original sound stick out amongst so many progressive death metal bands and forms something that is truly memorable. Seriously, check this one out!”
– That Drummer Guy

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