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Published: April 1, 2014
*Google translation of German review

As the album begins to use sounds that sound as if the CD jumping and one wonders if the CD is not broken. But no, right after the album of the one-man project from Siberia, the atmospheric Black Metal makes and so the album ends with the same noise begins. Right in the middle will transport you to the Siberian cold, which acts as bleak as it suggests the album, produced by discreet eigesetzte keyboards, while the guitars lay times brutal times slow on this. One other times seems to perceive a whistle far away, but it remains isolated and trapped alone in the sounds of this album.

Then Xylophone, which also give rise to a deserted and snowy winter in mind ( No stars ), then doomy passages ( A City on Fire ), Russian voice samples are derived, however, Only full dark one that looks sad, whereas depressive effect Neswa-Pawuk and with Flashback to my lake then sounded hypnotic riffs that seem to draw us into a vortex of darkness.

No stars, only full dark is an album that's going very minimalist and repetitive, even if the individual songs do not give the impression only once, but it works with all of these agents. One weakness is that it lacks the music bottom line on a unique feature, because this kind of music then you have but often heard.

Reviewed by: Tristan Osterfeld

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 Released: February 1, 2014
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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Soundtrack