Review from Atmosfear Magazine; Issue 13

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From: Atmosfear Magazine; Issue 13
Published: April 2014
*Google translation of Russian review

«No stars, only full dark», the second full-length album project Windbruch from Nizhnevartovsk ( Russia ) . Work is interesting at least that participates in the group , only one person - Rodion «Iluzii Optice» Mikhailov ( lyrics, vocals , music) . Each song - some story told by the author link which appears beautiful organic music . I note that all the tracks on the album are English names , but Rodion takes them in Russian . And judging from the label , which released this creation - life abroad Windbruch project also hit the spot. Windbruch «No stars, only full dark» - this release represents a fusion of darkness and it organically existing depressive sadness due to atmospheric sound. Thoughtful , philosophical , depressive, astral aura in release merges with the variety of sound elements. Gorgeous " darkness " and darkness - you listen and inspire.

Rating: 8.5/10
Reviewed by: Masha Tchi

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 Released: February 1, 2014
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