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Published: February 18, 2014
*Google translation of German review

So Metal goes global: The group windfall from the cool Siberia (Russia) published their equally cool sound at a Canadian record label. This is with "No Stars, Only Full Dark" recently namely the second album of atmospheric Black Metal band appeared.

Wind damage are not representative of the raw, classic Black Metal of the 90s. Instead, the Russian band is among those demanding groups, they are also fighting in the German-speaking countries in recent years in large numbers from the floor. To provide those groups namely, the atmosphere and complexity over the sheer hardness and put on their black metal foundation also to influences of ambient or post-rock.

Thus, wind break point to her good 49 minute long album with a very varied sound that is fully adapted to the atmosphere. The is set to "No Stars, Only Full Dark" also really well done. To hear is an ever-present sound cold, which is generated with jagged riffs, often a long reverberating drums and diffuse electrical backgrounds.

Alone among the playful aspect rich windfall not yet approached the great names of the genre. Thus, the riffs are sometimes a bit too simplistic and technically a good average, but not much more. Also, the structure could still use some fine work, because of some arc of the sometimes very long pieces is not always looking forward in time to an end.

What wind break now but artistically get out of their technically more solid foundation, which is really remarkable. The atmosphere is dense at any time and the sound is waiting with some special features. Thus, in "No Stars" the strumming of a kind music box shall be additional for example, which is very striking, not only, but also significantly contributes to the ambience.

Moreover, like very long instrumental passages and the very varied overall impression of the album. So the game speed of the different pieces replaced as strong as their intensity. In addition to fast, relatively densely held on the Black Metal songs like "No More Entry, Exit No More" is therefore also quiet title like "Neswa-Pawuk" in which the (incidentally, always Russian) Scream song gives way to a soft whisper.

Overall, Wind fracture have produced here by simple means a good result. Fans of the genre will be well served in any case.

A worth hearing and versatile album. With a little fine work here in the future even more in it.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Stefan Fruehauf

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