Review from Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6

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From: Forgotten Path Magazine; Issue 6
Published: November 2014

What’s up with DSBM nowadays? It used to be an interesting, atmospherically convincing genre with experimental tendencies and various musical influences. Now there are so many bands claiming to belong to this genre, but their music does not have an expected emotional effect; there’s too much Post-Rock and not enough depression. Windbruch is one of these types of bands. The strange thing about it is that their lyrics are said to be about melancholy, depression, but their cover features an owl next to a pine. Maybe the owl is not an optimistic bird and a dark night sky is gloomy, but we need human drama here. This issue was addressed only in the middle of the album, when the existence theme was mentioned in the lyrics.

Compositions of “No Stars, only Full Dark” are quite professionally executed, although this down tempo music does not require much effort. There are slightly too many Post-Rock components and the atmospheric part is not so convincing. However, the album’s duration was chosen wisely - seven tracks, each lasting twelve minutes long is a perfect choice for this slow, slightly monotonous, Doom-like music.

Windbruch’s album isn’t too engaging and there’s not that much Metal or atmosphere. On the other hand, people who like easy, instrumental music might enjoy “No Stars, only Full Dark” after all. 

Rating: 5/10
Reviewed by: Odium

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