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Published: April 2, 2014
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The art of discovering never fail, never stop repeating it against the Hypnotic Dirge Records , releases always high quality and often-as in this case-"valuations" came from an earlier self. Oh yes because this No Stars, Only Full Dark was there ready to go indifferent to many, if not all, more and more difficult to move and to disentangle the various outputs, then the time is always less, seems to fly better as the years go. All well and good then the "exploitation" because the label has created over time a good following (although I think the gain is not proportional with the good that has been done, perseverance is passion, strength HDR!) , people like myself that 90% know that the product will be at least good value. And that is exactly what happens with the second disc of this one man band Russa, this is not a job or excessive proportions of innate spirituality, though in a small way can emerge doing their dark-muffled world something worthy to be tried .

Melancholy, a pinch of martial gloomy, cold and "fat" united in the same pot, a typical Russian stamp to donate a bit of healthy "fire of the East" and keyboards in place "air conditioning" on everything. You will hear clearly the work of a single person and as such should be taken that this product comes gliding to us (such as the Owl cover) silently, its flavor comes slowly taking his sacred time (both in the single track that the entire disk .) No Stars, Only Full Dark Black Metal is neither rapid and impact any of that harrowing or highly depressive (melancholic as I said yes, I would also add "strongly"), but is somewhere in the middle without hanging from one side or the other, what is certain and highly concrete and the melodic turns to reaching those who know how to bring out emotions function to be a "safe haven" (perfect example of the tail Entry No More, No More Exit ), basically just what you should be looking for with this music. 
And if when part No Stars lose a tear do not be ashamed (the Burzum of Filosofem to give lessons here and elsewhere along the course of the work), at the bottom What could be sadder than a sky without stars?

No Stars, Full Dark Only one side fills to satiety, but in some obscure way to leave few traces behind it, like a ghostly figure that dances on the snow, you feel something abstract alternating sometimes with a hint "physical" ( For example, the pace of doom A City On Fire ), so we can say that the whole "open spaces" without objectively do anything so outrageous to do so. The Board undoubtedly is to take the work of all jet as if we were faced with a single long piece, so you can fully enjoy every little movement without the worry of evaluating such a song because so than some Hosah .

Beautiful also the diversity of the other two songs of long duration, one behind the other Only Full Dark and Neswa-Pawuk  , quiet, graceful, s traniantemente silent and "intermittent" freebies night for our use and consumption. 
worth a little speech that you can do it for a few TV series, we always expect great things, unbelievable twists and turns and when we see them we lose sight of the concepts like "hidden" thinking that maybe after a cool head are also the best. Watch whole is crucial for this type of discs, and if you do not you may end up slaves of yawns and inattention.

There is still space for sensory and introspection? I want to believe you.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: DukeFog

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