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Published: March 10, 2014
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No Stars, Only Full Dark . That a black metal album clearly and proudly announces color: black black black black. We can already imagine the true disk smelling, corrosive, cold and dark at best. Pourl├ęchage of lips and dark Alphonse engaged. Nothing rude Gertrude do we imagine. Little prior history still to set the mood. Windbruch Russian and is the work of one man: Iluzi optice which occupies all the " group . " Well, this is not the most reassuring but we have in mind a lot of example (Infestus, Leviathan etc ...). 

Chronic is a difficult art of time. The opportunity to display his moods. Because yes, sorry dear readers, but I'll have to talk to the first person and share intimacy to begin this column. Windbruch puts me in a rather complicated because the group officiates in a style that shines me, gives me the creeps and thus makes it relatively vain any concrete effort to access a chronic time is little objective. You have been warned, more than usual this writing will reflect personal opinion. Windbruch starts out by melancholic and melodic arpeggios. Unless it is a willingness to mix colic pathos. Immediately you feel very distant black, cold, scary. For once no stars, but black is the baba rum without consolation. Music slipping away and confirms initial fears: the dripping melody in every corner (and god knows if any of those pesky corners!) And aggression to zero. 
 however be noted appearances of Ancient Version The Chronicles Cainian for his melodic and this trend by further well (who said exacerbated?). Also part, lot, on the ethereal post rock during these countless scraped strings at high speed without variation. It was also the rhyme child via typical sugary keyboards of those songs that have rocked us. The idea might have been good if it counterbalanced raw violence. Unluckily, it strengthens the hand of all the honeyed melodies previously accumulated. Even when the group tries to heavy doom and despair "A City on Fire" was hints of bright melodies that keep feeling cornered and rushed into the abyss. And this is where my tastes intervene violently: I do not support this type of black metal esay listening smooth flatness of a confusing and sealed even lower by this repulsive avalanche of melodies. The album then seems an unlikely and above what is expected to contain a length cd. 

To finish this fight chronic course you will understand that this type of ultra languid, honeyed to music possible and vomits her beautiful feelings is no thanks to my ears. The best time is indeed the end of the disc. Those who are more tolerant of this stuff will be confronted with black metal at very low doses, lots of melodies and overall construction, although very traditional, rather control. It does not happen much anyway even if you like something. Avoid curiosity. A try if you're ever really agree with my opinions.

Rating: 5/20
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 Released: February 1, 2014
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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Soundtrack