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Published: March 24 2014
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Born in 2009 with a debut album Collision of the Worlds , the one-man-band Russian WINDBRUCH offers us in this year 2014 its second opus lasting almost 50 minutes. Little precedent for the progenitor of this group, but the level is nonetheless there in a very conventional style altogether.

The style is rather atmospheric, without bidding keyboards yet, and control of the whole is quite interesting. No Stars, Only Full Dark often a little something certain courses, starting with ColdWorld in a little less immersive . However the support of guitars is at times so apparent it would be wrong to label the pure atmospheric. Do not search the instrumental development and technical, WINDBRUCH indulges instead in a simple Black Metal, with a refined musical construction. Sometimes a bit repetitive, it does not tire and goes to the essential without forgetting regular twists and breaks. The pace is slow, not fast passages, in order to follow the desired effect. The overall effect is: compositions show melodies marked that each piece, and an inspiration overall quality. Some criticize the style a little childish in the approach to this album (cf. 3 e song), but it is obvious that this music is reserved for an informed public.

Although very simplistic, the cover has nevertheless an important record. It is a pity that the rest of the booklet and the album will not be of the same ilk. Indeed, we find the same type of overprint in black and white on each page, but with different images without actual thematic homogeneity. The author tells us that the cosmic voluntarily approach this album deals with the relationship of man and nature, which explains the images, but the staging could have been more relevant. Nevertheless, the general atmosphere is nice, both a little dark and melancholic. Thus hit enough, thanks to a few layers of keyboards fully inserted into musical structures, ambient passages and some clean vocals. Subtlety is beautiful and there!

In the end, this is a pretty simple album, but effective, well done, with recognizable melodies. Fans will appreciate the style!

Rating: 4.5/6
Reviewed by: Ballberith

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 Released: February 1, 2014
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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Soundtrack