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Published: September 3, 2014
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Windbruch is a solo project of Depressive / Atmospheric Black Metal led by multi-instrumentalist artist, iluzii Optice his distant and cold Siberia. It was in 2009 that, "Collision of the Worlds," the first album of the One-Man Band out via Sun & Moon Records. In 2013 a split entitled "Silentium! "Made with Gmork and Depicting Abysm released by Hypnotic Dirge Records. Then in 2014, Windbruch always on the same label released his second album, "No Stars, Only Full Dark."

This new album is partly based on the novel, "Nomads of the North" by American author James Oliver, released in 2007, has the story of two fugitives in the Canadian tundra. The artwork is also a tribute to the book cover with the unique use of Black and White. It conveys the idea of ​​the cold that affects the imaginary and the everyday reality of the artist but also of the hero of the novel. The black cover is a message from heaven, which thus shows its infinity. In the end the man is nothing between these infinite spaces whether white or black. Title explicit that idea, "No Stars, Only Full Dark." Idea that the musician is trying to convey through his music.

The album begins with 'The Dance of Liquid Fire' on a sizzling, probably a radio communication. Then it without cutting back with other men. The music starts. An acoustic guitar with his melancholy riffs, eclectic second bottom. Both echo and echo. The atmosphere is icy, a man sigh means alone. The entire "No Stars, Only Full Dark" is an ode to the frozen wastes and the vastness of the universe. Each element is represented with an instrument. Keyboards and sounds more "electronic" provide a spatial dimension to the music with the cold side, sanitized, like 'No Stars'. On this basis, a music box refers to childhood fears and reinforces the impression of withdrawal. Depressive Black side feels when these little musical passages where everything is quiet. The guitars and drums are fairly simple in their composition, seeking only to create a special atmosphere, a soundscape. The rather long pieces allow this total immersion in the world of the artist. The clear guitar reflects the Siberian while the guitar, more typical Black Metal strengthens the Darkness and Depression tundra. 'Neswa-Pawuk' has a few riffs Post-Black to support the latter idea.

The voice is an important element in Windbruch, without being the main element. It is out of this musical, more contemplative landscape. It is this man lost between these two cold vastness. While incorporating the landscape into reality with words in Russian. The listener can imagine the feeling of being lost himself in the Siberian steppes. There are two styles of songs. A Black / Depressive accompanying Black most parts of the music. The quiet parts and Post-Black are, in turn, carry a clear vocals. Singing iluzii Optice and plays on several emotional registers. Aggressive without being violent with Black Metal parts and melancholy on the parts that could be described as Post-Black. A small portion narrated on the title 'Only Full Dark' reinforces the romantic side of the music Windbruch. This is actually a sample taken from the Russian film "Stalker". (Stalker [Сталкер] is a Soviet film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, released in 1979 as The Stalker is an English term meaning "stealth fighter and quiet" (literally, hunter approaching, stalker, or tracker).

"No Stars, Only Full Dark" is an album that seeks to portray reality and emotions own iluzii Optice. All on Black Metal Atmospheric quality without revolutionize the genre. The originality of the project lies in the soundscapes created by the artist and this sensibility that draws the novel but also the landscapes that surround everyday. This very personal project can not then touch that listeners who, like him, are sensitive to these issues. The album was introduced to me as "  a soundtrack for cold and lonely winter nights.  '. For once, the description was perfect.

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