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Published: March 29, 2014
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When I was in May last year wrote a review on the split "Silentium" on which participated in the formation of three Russian Depicting you , Windbruch and Gmork , I did not expect that it will pass about ten months and our menu will review two of these three groups and top one mate. Talking about the albums you Depicting a epitimy (main band members Depicting you ) still awaits us in the near future, and right now we look at how this is a one-man project Windbruch his second tier recording titled "No Stars, Only Full Dark " ...

In the imaginary ladder in the above-mentioned split album I Windbruch ranked middle position. If you vaguely remember (after all ... I can not say I during those ten months "Silentium" may rotate over and over again), in some moments on my music Mikhailova Rodion (Yes, That is the only member Windbruch ) she was slightly embarrassed, but the the other hand, there were many very successful takes melodies. "No Stars, Only Full Dark," he compared "Silentium" is instrumental, and when I think about it, maybe it's a shame ... not that it was bad vocals, it is a standard black metal vocals, in this respect, okay, but sometimes I feel as if the studio album shrunk those really strong melodies just to notch vocals.

"No Stars, Only Full Dark," I generally come such a little monotonous, and while certainly not say that on the album lacked ideas, somehow this time failed to bring such a way that the listener really strongly attracted. Thanks to the board there is a lot of relatively long passages deaf (and indeed the whole songs), in which the listening bears in this lethargic spirit, which is missing some really excellent (catch) moments. This fact then fails to call or atmosphere that although there is, but unfortunately not strong enough to man downright broke. Still listens to a lot of very nice (I would like to stress), but with two exceptions, to which even we get to the album much taken away and you will not remember anything except that it played. And this is true not only on a first date with "No Stars, Only Full Dark," but also the larger the amount of spin album, which just is not very ideal.

In another lethargy (that word to "No Stars, Only Full Dark" fits like few others - probably because i still hear a few times) I fall I have with almost post-rock intro "The Dance of Liquid Fire" , the following desetiminutovka " Entry No More, No More Exit " me from it But if not even by mistake, while I was yet to arrive. I'm not saying it would be downright wrong, formally some tunes (maybe around seven minutes) did, but as a whole it just me not really does not. Similarly, it is also necessary to "A City on Fire" , which carries a lot of doom metal spirit ... right in the piece has Windbruch to doom definitely closer to atmospheric black metal, in which the creation of the project otherwise entails. To make matters worse, similarly lethargic also has the longest "nesw-Pawuk" , where poke corners again signs of post-rock, and the final "Flashback to My Lake" , which does not solve anything anymore.

The only two songs that strongly attracted me somehow, managed to grab more of my attention and pull me out of such a situation where I feel the music with half an ear, are the two whose names make up the name plate, the third "No Stars" and fifth "Only Full Dark" . Perhaps you can think of quite a logical question - what the two pieces are different from the rest, because it can significantly exceed the remaining composition? There's nothing complicated, but it is clearly audible at first listen - both of these songs do contain, although relatively simple, but as the result shows a very functional keyboard line. It really is almost trivial typing out a single motive, which has in the case of "Only Full Dark" substantially ambient touch, but both those songs that moves completely away and at once because the music Windbruch will work - I'm not afraid to say - great. While on the other hand, such "nesw-Pawuk" line also includes a keyboard, and it has such strength ...

Although most of the "No Stars, Only Full Dark" only just passes quietly and not much of it, I did not memorize, it happened - as it has been said - very pleasant listening. Thanks to this board really have nothing at all, but when I listen to it every time I say that it is the potential for a lot more than I enjoy the music in real life. To be honest, I can not decide whether it is in this case a mistake on my part or on the part of Windbruch , but purely from a subjective point of view I can see only very light above average somewhere on the border between 5.5 and 6 points. However, I must emphasize explicitly that if you like the similarly built black metal (slower tempo, longer songs, mainly atmosphere), you calmly "No Stars, Only Full Dark" may take considerably more so since you listening discouraged.

Rating: 6/10
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