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Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, December 29, 2015, In : German 
Published: December 27, 2015

Atmosphärischer Doom Metal aus dem sonnigen Spanien? Kommt nicht allzu häufig vor. Dass die Herren aus dem Land der Tapas und der Siesta jedoch wissen, was melancholische Schwere ist und vor allem, wie sie vertont wird, belegen WOMB mit ihrem Debüt "Deception Through Your Lies". Sanfte Pianomelodien in Kombination mit abgrundtiefen Growls und stets nachvollziehbaren Songstrukturen in Slow-Motion erinnern massiv an die Dänen von SATURN...

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Review from Doom Metal Heaven

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, December 21, 2015, In : English 
From: Doom Metal Heaven
Published: December 19, 2015

Spanish death-doom band Womb (not to be confused with the US stoners of the same name) have gritted their teeth and given birth to an album of emotional intensity and interweaving melody.

Part of a triumphant new partnership between doom labels Hypnotic Dirge (Canada) and Solitude Productions (Russia), the debut album from this Seville-based outfit is a mixed bag of complex, sour doom metal. It is sometimes vast and spectacular, o...

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Review from Dead Rheteric

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, December 19, 2015, In : English 
From: Dead Rheteric
December 16, 2015
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Funeral doom is a genre that many avoid like the plague. Admittedly, it does take a certain mindset to look past the plodding pace and sometimes excruciating lengths that these bands utilize for each song. New Spanish doomsters Womb aren’t exactly your typical funeral doom marchers, which is probably why Hypnotic Dirge and Solitude Productions have teamed up to offer a physical release to the band’s debut, Deception Through Your ...

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  Released: November 30, 2015
500 Copies (250 Through HDR)
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal